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martes, 18 de diciembre de 2012

A dream

[This is the english version of the previous post]
(note: due to English is not my native language, it is possible that the following translation may contain some mistakes. I apologize for the inconvenience, please report any correction that you consider appropriate)

That morning, on waking, I could remember it. You should know, if you dream and you keep it in your memory, if ever, when you reemerge from the long hiatus of the night, you have the feeling that the real life is a dream and the dream is the reality, then you will no longer perceived as something threatening, the prolonged burden of necessity and certainty.
In my case, I wrote it down in a precise way: from outside the house seemed larger and more isolated. It was standing in the middle of a barren field whose sight went to the horizon and beyond. There were no mountains or seas wrapping the landscape, only a sky afire in red and purple tones that threatened to collapse. The floor was covered with weird dead leaves, fragile and translucent. I felt them creaking at every step as I walked toward the door.

Now I was alone and inside forever. Nobody waited for me in that quiet and desolate place.The walls were covered with clocks that did not work. No two were alike in size or in shape and each one was marking a different time. Aside this, there was not any furniture or device but from a vague place an ambiguous and stark melody emerged inciting delirium.
I climbed shifting ladders returning to the starting point. I crossed doors leading to corridors that opened doors to other identical. I went through dozens of rooms, but I found nothing different from the solitude of clocks stuck in time.

Then, I realized that mine was a sterile endeavour, so I decided to wait out that reality revolved to offer me an answer. I felt the groan of hinges and the walls collapse around me. Then the library came before me, extending in all directions. As far as the eye could see seemed infinite and in their bookcases probably kept an infinite knowledge as well. I chose a corridor randomly, anyone bookcase, a book between hundreds and I opened it without more criteria than the necessity. Then, I read, as one sings a psalm, the first lines: from outside the house seemed larger and more isolated...

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